Passed First Time
I cannot recommend Shelly enough. After having a rocky first few weeks with another driving instructor Corey swapped to Shelly. He started at the beginning of February and thrived. He looked forward to his lessons saying how comfortable and at ease he felt. He passed his theory first time and went on to pass his practical first time too! This is after learning with Shelly for under 3 months!!!!

Weekly Lessons
I can't thank Shelly enough for teaching my daughter Holly to drive. Shelly has a unique ability to build relationships with all kinds of people and immediately put them at ease. Holly really looked forward to her lessons each week & never seemed phased at all. That is all credit to Shelly and we can't recommend her enough.

Passed First Time
Shelly just wanted to say you have been an amazing instructor and you helped me from the start of my learning all the way through to the test which I passed first time. Thank you for making time for me when I needed things moved around and helping me pass as soon as I was ready and able to comfortably pass. You made it quick and easy to learn and kept positive when I struggled and always made me feel like I was doing okay. Thank you again for the help u have been an amazing instructor.

Passed First Time
Shelly truly is such a wonderfully talented, patient and focused instructor with the most incredible skills and knowledge. It’s not been easy for me to drive or get to test day due to my personal commitments and serve anxiety throughout my lessons, through pure dedication and determination Shelly took on board these issues for me and really made the experience as comfortable as possible, She helped me feel calm and confident with my driving to be able to pass my driving test first time with zero driving faults on 29/02/2024. I honestly could not have asked for a better opportunity or instructor. I can recommend Shelly knowing that each and every person is in the best of hands and honestly get the best outcome from lessons. Again I cannot recommend and thank Shelly enough for her wonderful work and commitment. Shelly you are amazing at what you do and I for one will always be thankful. Take care and keep doing what you do best.

Abigale JenningsAbigale Jennings
My daughter loved her lessons
Shelly taught my daughter. Before any lessons took place Shelly came round to introduce herself and went through the LDC workbook. This was reassuring for me as a parent knowing who my daughter was disappearing with 2 hours every week! My daughter loved her lessons, was always saying how lovely Shelly is and how calm she made her feel. Shelly is very clear with instructions in the car, always professional, but remains extremely personable and friendly. I cannot recommend Shelly enough, she is an absolute gem.

Weekly Lessons
I passed my test in January with Shelly, she is an outstanding instructor who supports and encourages her students. Highly recommended.

Passed First Time
"For a risk averse person like myself and for someone who hates the roads, Shelly has done an incredible job in helping me to pass first time with 6 months of lessons. The LDC workbook is provided by the LDC which sets out objectives to ensure all driving competencies are achieved. This ensures each driving lesson is structured and goal orientated. Shelly is familiar with routes/areas in Huddersfield and so I was able to learn basic control skills in a safe and comfortable environment until I was confident to move onto busier roads. Shelly is a great teacher, she is very patient and this allowed me to develop at my driving skills at my own pace, and enjoy each lesson. Thank you!"

Shelly made driving fun
Shelly was an amazing driving instructor who made driving fun. I was hesitant to learn how to drive so it took my a while to get into it, however Shelly made me comfortable instantly and my nerves went away pretty quickly. The lessons always feel like they go super quick since it is fun but I still felt l learned a lot. Thanks to her I passed on my first test. Also, Shelly was definitely the perfect driving instructor for me, as we would learn a lot and she was always interested in what I was saying and my life outside of driving. I would definitely recommend Shelly to everyone, she’s fantastic at her job, and a lovely person too.

Driving Practical Pass
I started driving with Shelly in June without ever being in the drivers side of the car, Being in my late 20s I thought it would take me a while to get comfortable driving. The LDC Workbook helped me plan and review my lessons. However Shelly is the most patient and calm teacher, who built my confidence up to believe in myself. I looked forward to my lessons every week.

Pleasure learning with you
I joined Shelly after a few months with another driving instructor I wasn’t too happy with. At 35 I was nervous I’d left learning too late. But Shelly was a breath of fresh air. She is happy, engaging and easy going. She helped with my anxiety and was a true friend by the time we got to the test. The LDC workbook is a big help reflecting on things, I think I got to my test a lot quicker by using it actively. Thanks for everything Shelly it was a pleasure learning with you.

Passed First Time
I would recommend Shelly to anyone who is looking for a friendly, reliable and excellent instructor. She taught me the correct ways and never got frustrated as well as helping me pass first time. I would recommend Shelly to anyone and everyone.

Weekly Lessons
10/10 driving instructor and person. Shelly was always really patient with me, helped me overcome bad habits I'd picked up from watching my parents driving, and was overall a very easy going person. I will always recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive as she made the process a fun and easy one :)

Passed First Time
Before having Shelly as my driving instructor I had bad driving anxiety and was nervous for my driving lessons. As soon as I started with Shelly my nerves had turned to confidence and I really started to enjoy driving. Shelly made hard things look easy for me because of her well explained routines especially with manoeuvres, and she has now turned me in to a very confident driver in all conditions and circumstances.

Automatic to Manual Licence
“I passed my manual driving test with Shelly first time after being an automatic drive for years. She is one of the most patient people I have met, she helped me to overcome my bad habits that I had picked up over the years and to understand how to use manual gears! She made me feel comfortable from day one and is a very easy going person. I could not recommend her enough! Thank you again Shelly for everything.”

Passed First Time
I couldn’t recommend shelly enough. She made me feel confident and comfortable during my lessons. The LDC driving skills workbook provided helped me plan each lesson meaning I could work on little bits allowing me to improve my driving faster. I passed first time thank you for your help. I would highly recommend learning to drive with shelly!

Cadence CarapezzaCadence Carapezza
Driving Practical Pass
I recently passed my test thanks to Shelly! She was an amazing driving instructor and made me feel comfortable and confident throughout my driving lessons. One of the things I appreciated the most about shelly was her ability to tailor each lesson to my specific needs as a learner. She was professional and understanding and I highly recommended Shelly as a driving instructor. The LDC Workbook was great for planning my lessons and reflection. Thank you !

Charlie McKenzieCharlie McKenzie
Driving Practical Pass
Shelly was a great driving instructor. She always put me at ease and I found her relaxed and easy going, which helped boost my confidence. Shelly was adaptable in her approach and it was always easy to ask her questions and talk about things I wasn’t sure about. I feel this had made me a safer and more confident driver. The LDC Workbook helped me plan my lessons and reflect on my performance. I would definitely recommend Shelly for lessons.

Passed with Shelly
5 star review for Shelly Matley at LDC My son Ted learned to drive and passed his test with Shelly at LDC. Shelly’s calm, patient and supportive personality helped Ted gain his confidence, kept him motivated and enabled him to thrive in his lessons. The LDC workbook helped him understand the skills he needed to develop and build upon and think ahead about what he needed to do next to improve at his own pace. The support materials that accompany the workbook helped him to prepare and gain confidence in taking his theory test. I would highly recommend learning to drive with Shelly at LDC. Jo Sayles

Tilly Tilly
Passed First Time
I couldn’t recommend Shelly enough! She has been the most amazing driving instructor who not only helped improve my driving ability but also my confidence behind the wheel. The LDC driving skills workbook provided has been so helpful in allowing me to write down my improvements and plan my lessons again helping with my confidence. I passed First Time Thank you for all your help Shelly, you have been amazing!

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